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Gearing up for the future

With 25 years of experience in printing and design, Menu Solutions and Art 2 Print Mpumalanga have perfected the art of producing print material that complements, elevates and even competes with the ever evolving technologies businesses are faced with. Our expert advice and outstanding attention to detail, punctuality and value, are the expertise that will keep you coming back for more.

Services include:
Corporate Stationery
Advertising, Marketing and Branding Collateral
Annual Report
Diaries and Calendars
Specialised Invitations
Funeral Letters

Piecing together a solution for you

Our design studio has all the talent and creative ingredients to help you define an identity brand that will stand out from the crowd. Through careful research and vision we'll lead your company into the competitive future and provide you with the tools for success.

Services include:
Logo Design
Corporate Identity
Marketing and Advertising Collateral
Outdoor and Indoor Signage
Trophies design and manufacturing
Annual Reports
Print and Electronic Media

Make your mark through progressive branding

Marketing, engagement, branding – nothing stays relevant forever. A brand refresh can take up a lot of your precious time and resources. So leave the task of branding and rebranding to us. We are committed to help our clients build their brand by supplying strategic brand solutions with a client-centred approach. Menu Solutions excels at solving the complex issues impacting your brand, identifying the essence and creating differentiation.

Services include:
Corporate Branding
Product Branding
Promotional Product Branding
Promotional Event Branding
Environmental Branding
Urban Branding
Architectural Branding

Impress across the media spectrum

It's not just a media strategy. It's about telling a story with your brand. Gaining attention and creating a revolutionary experience. It's about success. Our skilled team at Menu Solutions are committed to help our clients efficiently communicate and optimize their business process with visual design and technology solutions. Critical aspects of our work include unique creative approach, innovative and user-friendly design, state-of-the-art technology and personal signature.

Services include:
Cinema, Music, Radio and Television Media
Print Media
Media Placement and Bookings
Corporate and Social Media
Electronic and Presentation Media
Editing Studios and Facility House
Copy writing

Expanding into virtual space

There is so much that can be done to maximize the opportunities presented by the Internet. From the website design, through to search engine optimization, social networks, tweeting, online advertising, emailing etc. When all of these are put together and the information collated, you really start to see and feel the benefits of a well-constructed online strategy.

Services include:
Website Design and Development
Website Mobilisation
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Copy Writing
Animation and Visual Effects

Gifts that entice the senses

Our gifts will add prestige to your name. If you're weary of the humdrum catalogues for corporate gifts and special occasion presents, then perhaps it's time to talk to us. We use the 'By Royal Appointment' principle in selecting a range of extraordinary gifts perfectly suited to your exact needs - we don't compromise our high standards.

Services include:
Proudly South African Ceramic Ovenware
Proudly South Designer Lifestyle Products
Imported Designer Homeware and Cookware
Corporate Gifts
Wrapping, Branding and Packaging
Specialised Message Cards

Crafting unforgettable experiences

Your event is your name – a vital part of the marketing and relationship-building strategy. So why leave it to chance? When you allow our team to manage your event for you, things will run smoothly from start to finish ensuring that not only your guests have a wonderful experience, but that you can share in that experience with them. With our creative flair and turnkey approach, we handle all the planning, activation and execution. We establish a name, locate a venue and design a theme accordingly.

Services include:
Event Planning
Event Co-ordination
Media Activation
Furniture and Decor

Knowledge is power and
service delivery is king!

Menu Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a newly-formed company, has assumed all the services and product delivery of Art 2 Print Limpopo and Art 2 Events. We have over 20 years of experience in keeping our clients' marketing solutions fresh, appealing, attractive and market relevant. Our Corporate Gifts solution falls under the Art 2 Cook flagship.

Art 2 Print MPUMALANGA cc, a BEE Level 4 company, though under the MENU SOLUTIONS umbrella, operates independently.
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Come visit the Art2Cook shop for proudly South African ceramic ovenware and designer lifestyle products, imported designer homeware, cookware and corporate gifts.

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  • Turnkey solutions for your business's branding needs
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